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More things to do in the area

The house feels far removed from everything and yet is only 1+ hrs from Toulouse, 30mins from Montauban and 15mins from Caussade and St Antonin. See map


It is perfectly situated to enjoy all the many activities available in this area of South West France, notably canoeing, rock-climbing, walking and cycling in the Aveyron Gorge.

During the Summer season there are many small local festivals and events celebrating the local agricultural tradition, live music, dance and drama.



Overlooked in the rush to the coast, this area remains truly 'rural', and a gourmet's delight. Grapes for the famous wines of Cahors, and an abundance of fruit are grown to the North. Gaillac, likewise, to the South is also renowned for its wines.


Every day of the week there is a market in one nearby town or village or another. The major ones being St. Antonin on Sundays and Caussade on Mondays. The markets are the best for fresh fruit and vegetables – mostly grown locally and many organically. Also excellent for cheeses, wine, 'charcuterie', patès and many other gastronomic delights for which the area is renowned.


There are supermarkets and larger shops of all types in the nearest small town, Caussade. Montauban (30mins) is the place to go for more specialised items and large hypermarkets. There is always Toulouse, at just over an hour away...


There are numerous restaurants within a ½ hr drive, or less, mostly concentrating on local cuisine. Takeaway pizzas are also available and many bars do a good selection of light meals and snacks.


We can offer you as an extra:

Delicious healthy evening meals where most of the organic vegetables come from our garden.

Guided tours of a typical local french market.



The Aveyron Gorge is an area of exceptional and very diverse natural beauty, left largely untouched by the activities of 'modern man'. Patches of forest, outcrops of hills, big trees in the valley, small trees and scrubby plants on the plateau, all interspersed with the traditional small-scale farming of crops and livestock. Everywhere impressive examples of the long tradition of building houses with the local lime-stone.


This area is spectacular for sightseeing, walking and hiking, visiting the local markets, swimming or canooing in the beautiful Aveyron river and numerous other activities. There is a delightful riding centre in Caussade who offer hourly rides, day treks, longer hikes, etc


Optional extra:

We can guide you on a magical walk along the spectacular Aveyron river and gorge to visit a cave and waterfall.


We have our own swimming pool. The Aveyron gorge offers swimming and canoeing and there are also 'water adventure theme parks' within easy reach 

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