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Meet Rana

I am an artist and started painting as a small child. I still remember the smell of the fat wax crayon as it slid across the page… the wonderful surprise when pink met blue... or blue met green… the excitement I felt as the paper began to fill with circles and lines and dots.

I went to art college but soon left and decided to go traveling. While in New Mexico I fell in love with the wild open spaces and the art of the Native Americans especially around Taos.


In Australia, I was inspired by Aboriginal art and using natural earth pigments.

My work is naive. I like to experiment with colour and texture and play with different effects. When I paint for myself I have no idea what is going to happen. It is like watching something emerge out of the great void...something that wishes to speak to me and I need to be still enough in order to listen.

Living here at The Alchemy Garden has given me so much and has helped me maintain my childlike joy and wonder for life and creativity. I am also a reiki master, energy healer, and angel light worker.

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